After a successful transaction, you invited your business partners to lunch. In a relaxed atmosphere discussions were fluent and you found that cooperation can significantly expand. All you need is a sample contract you have signed with another party. When you return to the company, the secretary left for the day already, because she had the kids in the nursery. Since the only answer you got from numerous calls to her mobile was "the called subscriber is temporarily unavailable", you went on your own search and came up empty handed.

The partners in the conference room are grumbling, the situation is stressful and leaves you red in the face!

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    Big Boss™ platform offers integrated solution for managing your company – small or big. It offers simple graphical overview of all important data concerning your company and allows you to set meetings, make business plans and tasks, search an upload documents and delegate tasks with one or two clicks.

Saving time and money, while inproving productivity!


Home screen

    First screen offers a glance at a calendar with all tasks and meeting conclusions connected to you. With this overview you will never miss important meeting or will be late in conducting your tasks. To keep you on top of all activity on the platform there is a Latest Activity section, where you can observe activity of all users on the platform, and below that statistics section where you can see how successful your company in completing task on time is.


"Driving" your company with dashboards

    In Dashboard section you can easily observe all the important indicators concerning your company (sales, top performing markets and products, inventories, cash …). Using the Dashboard you can easily spot issues and divergences from set business plan. This function allows steering your company successfully through the year.

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    Big Boss™ brings together users and content all in a single cloud-based workspace and where you can see productivity accelerate. Employees can collaborate on one unique platform, exchange knowledge, assign tasks, share documents, cooperate in planning process, follow up on meetings, work on conclusions and be productive every day.


Having problems with planning the future business and monitoring realization?

    Big Boss™ enables you to prepare plans with an optional number of versions (optimistic plan, pessimistic etc) you can define workflow of planning procedures, people involved and tasks they need to perform. When those responsible are done entering their planned data and planners confirm them, you can perform simulations and “What if” analysis. Employees can update their realization of plans monthly.

Prepare and monitor plans like a boss!


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