Complaint Management Software is software that is used to manage and investigate the resolution of customer complaints. It is used to record all complaints which are reported by customers, to investigate the problems, and keep records of these complaints. There are two critical parts of a best-in-class complaint management system: customer handling software and customer complaint tracking.

    Unfortunately no matter what industry you are in there will be instances where someone be it a customer or an employee will make a complaint, it is something that is out of your control and when happens must be handled correctly, fortunately there are a few methods you can use to help with this process. Big Boss™ - Complaint Management is one of these methods and is considered to be an essential component of the quality system; it plays a really big part in ensuring compliance. In companies where safety is a risk and complaints are received, they must be taken very seriously and investigated to the full potential of the person handling the case. The software assists with this and is very easy to use. With Complaint Handling software it increases customer satisfaction and brand reputation by responding, investigating and analyzing complaints with the notion of maintaining and improving a manufacturer’s quality of service process.


Why Big Boss™ Complaint Management Software?

    Big Boss™ Complaint Management Software helps in monitoring through integrated tracking and reporting issues. Accessible anywhere any time. All you need is an internet connection, so easy to use that you can start managing your customer complaints straight away. Securely hosted within world-class infrastructure, ensuring business continuity. It integrates its handling processes into the overall Big Boss™ - Corporate Performance Software (CPM).


Benefits of Big Boss™ Complaint Management Software

  • reduced costs
  • finding small issues before they become big problems
  • gain insight into customers
  • ensure regulatory compliance
  • avoiding penalty
  • identify problem areas
  • improve your business
  • increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • improve brand identity
  • increase efficiency, productivity
  • turn customer feedback into profit
  • automate your complaints processes


You can see all the benefits by your self. No hidden costs or credit card required.