After a successful transaction, you invited your business partners to lunch. In a relaxed atmosphere discussions were fluent and you found that cooperation can significantly expand. All you need is a sample contract you have signed with another party. When you return to the company, the secretary left for the day already, because she had the kids in the nursery. Since the only answer you got from numerous calls to her mobile was "the called subscriber is temporarily unavailable", you went on your own search and came up empty handed.

The partners in the conference room are grumbling, the situation is stressful and leaves you red in the face!

A logical solution to avoid such an embarrassing situation would be to have ALL BUSINESS DOCUMENTATION IN ONE PLACE of course! Arranged alphabetically, transparent and with all the attachment.  Here you can find your dream documentation in place and a click away…



Inside CONTRACTS group is not difficult to find those we look for. We click with the mouse and here we have all information about the contract.

For details we can open Word, Excel or any other file in electronic form.  


Can I have easy access abroad?

Yes you can; all you need is Internet access. Enter the appropriate username and password for your server and if you are authorized to do so and you didn't forget your password, you can do the same with the documents as if you would be in your office.

Our solution is just so user friendly, we guarantee you can learn how to use it in half an hour.


You can see all the benefits by your self. No hidden costs or credit card required.