Big Boss™ is a great tool when you want to create business plan, manage documents, manage projects, assign tasks, manage meetings, overview company data and much more.


Business plan

  • create excel like tables online
  • local and remote data input
  • unlimited versions of plan. Optimistic, pesimistic, ...
  • monthly auto created input tables
  • simple or complex formulas
  • automatic aggregation
  • consolidation
  • export in excel, csv
  • import from excel, csv

Document management

  • organize files into types/folders, functions, business units
  • set owner and guardian
  • manage ISO standard
  • revision date, notifications
  • attachments, references, translations
  • set valid and publish dates
  • coordinating, confirming and reviewing users
  • access management
  • audit log
  • super fast search
  • each user can select important documents for himself
  • excel reports


  • group meetings into types
  • each business unit can have its own meetings
  • set chairman, substitute, secretary, writer and members
  • unlimited agenda
  • create conclusions
  • discuse about previous conclusions
  • add reports on conclusions
  • unlimited attachments
  • track time and money
  • late conclusions reminder
  • export minutes into MS Word


  • track complaint from start to finnish
  • export complaint into word and excel
  • assign corrective, preventive and system actions
  • add analysis and solution
  • send email for all changes
  • custom fields
  • customizable user view and export


  • define project
  • set responsible and members
  • track time and money
  • late projects reminder


  • create and manage tasks
  • group tasks into project
  • set responsible and performers
  • users add reports on what they did
  • track time and money
  • late task notifications
  • remind late user every single day
  • calendar and list view