How are you preparing yearly Business plan? Using only excel and entering data manually every time?

How are you getting planning data from your departments, sales people,… affiliated units (companies, dislocated units). Sending them excel files? How is the experience with that? Lot of manual work, calling them, because they forget, lot of work with copy/paste? Experiencing problems with that, because users are creative so copy/paste then doesn't work?

It solutions can help you planning and bring changes in your BP workflow in comparison to excel, that is very good for single user, but not meant for collaboration.  You can define workflow of planning procedures, peoples involved and tasks they need to perform. When all responsible people input their planned data and planners confirm them, we can perform simulations and "What if" analysis.

IT solutions can be used for different planning purposes:

  • annual plan
  • strategic plan
  • company plan
  • plan of group of companies
  • etc.

You can prepare an optional number of versions of plan (optimistic, pessimistic etc). Solution enables to planners total freedom in definition of any number of different input tables for planning

With change of any parameter of the plan, we can immediately see the effect on the success of the whole company, specific BU, market, product or marketing channel. We can generate automated BP in Word (with text and tables) and use multidimensional OLAP analytic tool with great analytic power (drill down, rotation, filtering, sorting, charts and excel add-in to analyze plan and present it to management.


You can see all the benefits by your self. No hidden costs or credit card required.