Big Boss™ platform offers integrated solution for managing your company – small or big. It offers simple graphical overview of all important data concerning your company and allows you to set meetings, make business plans and tasks, search an upload documents and delegate tasks with one or two clicks.

Saving time and money, while inproving productivity!


Home screen

    First screen offers a glance at a calendar with all tasks and meeting conclusions connected to you. With this overview you will never miss important meeting or will be late in conducting your tasks. To keep you on top of all activity on the platform there is a Latest Activity section, where you can observe activity of all users on the platform, and below that statistics section where you can see how successful your company in completing task on time is.


"Driving" your company with dashboards

    In Dashboard section you can easily observe all the important indicators concerning your company (sales, top performing markets and products, inventories, cash …). Using the Dashboard you can easily spot issues and divergences from set business plan. This function allows steering your company successfully through the year.


Business planning has never been so easy

    You can easily plan all aspects of your business using the platform and then the data is automatically integrated in the platform and all metrics are compared to plan throughout the year. Already made business plans in Excel and other formats can be easily imported to the platform. BP (Business Planning) interface will allow you to efficiently and in detail plan everything you need to succeed in next year, year after that and all years that follow.


Keeping all documents one click away

    On Big Boss™ platform you can store all your documents in organized way so they will never get lost again in your mailbox or in thousands of files on your computer. Platform can also be used to coordinate and confirm different versions and revisions of documents. Overall, it is an all-in-one solution for efficient document management.


From creating tasks ...

    You can simply create various tasks concerning different users and in that way you can avoid sending out e-mails every day, because the platform will automatically remind every user that they have perform a task. Using that you can save time because there is no need for sending e-mails or calling different people when you need them to do something


... to monitoring their realization

    It is not productive if you just dedicate the task, but then fail to monitor its progress. That’s why we built in features that let you easily see the deadlines of all tasks and their status. There is also a function that lets you see all the reports that users upload connected to various tasks. Good monitoring of tasks’ performance is crucial to achieve higher productivity and leads to better results.


Simple tasks andmore compley projects

    You can bundle as many individuals task as you like to form a project. When you are working or managing a project involving many tasks this bundling can save you a lot of time as the graphic tools allow you to monitor the realization of the whole project and also separate tasks involved in that project. Managing complex projects has been made as simple as possible.


You can see all the benefits by your self. No hidden costs or credit card required.