Big Boss™ brings together users and content all in a single cloud-based workspace and where you can see productivity accelerate. Employees can collaborate on one unique platform, exchange knowledge, assign tasks, share documents, cooperate in planning process, follow up on meetings, work on conclusions and be productive every day.


Having problems with planning the future business and monitoring realization?

    Big Boss™ enables you to prepare plans with an optional number of versions (optimistic plan, pessimistic etc) you can define workflow of planning procedures, people involved and tasks they need to perform. When those responsible are done entering their planned data and planners confirm them, you can perform simulations and “What if” analysis. Employees can update their realization of plans monthly.

Prepare and monitor plans like a boss!


Having problems with follow up activities of a Meeting?

     Big Boss™ makes it easier for you to review the realization of an agreed conclusion at the end of your meetings by keeping track of those responsible for following through and completing tasks on time.  When the company succeeds in increasing the percentage of tasks realization and conclusions, it certainly achieves or exceeds planned goals.
Track the progress after important meetings like a boss!


Problems with task or projects realization?

    One of the simplest and most useful functions of the Big Boss™ platform is tasks management.
The key to successful management is to delegate tasks to employees. Usually this is done through by mail, by phone or face to face. The problem with this method is that because of multiple tasks we can lose transparency of the assigned tasks, even when co-workers return a report via email, it can be lost among the other emails.

You too can manage all tasks like a boss! 


Problems finding documents?

    Big Boss™ can offer a helping hand; all documents of the company can be accessed in digital form, whenever and wherever you need them. This user friendly application allows users to see only those documents in which he is allowed to see.  The application enables changes, follow ups, documents can be reconciled and confirmed, you can review current, previous versions and document rights.  Also you can enable new employees to access all relevant documents on their first day of work.

Access all documents like a boss!

Have a day like a boss,
Igor Matjasic
Co-Founder/managing director
DSE group


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