Are you a normal boss, or a Big Boss™? Being a Big Boss™ means using the right software! Big Boss™ provides unique cloud software that can improve your company tenfold, from good to exceptional. Every normal boss can finally become a Big Boss™, just by using our software!


Business Plan Online

Business Planning with Big Boss™, allows collaborative projecting and business analysis, especially made to enable your company to fully plan your business, and also to assess your company. Discussing that company information is simply as crucial, and Big Boss™ software permits revenue, purchases, estimates, budget, marketing promotions, price and any other data, to be shared across your company. Evaluate and forecast your own organization at any degree. Plan in virtually any units, any equivalent element or any currency and instantly convert back to the others. With Big Boss™, arranging, budgeting, and earnings analysis haven't been easier. And your entire business can talk about that knowledge. If your business is dependent upon an accurate product sales outlook and you aren't producing one, then give Big Boss™ Planning a try. Our software program will enable your group to investigate and foresee your product sales, and send that data to all collaborators.



Monthly Data Input with Auto-Generated Tables

All your management, tasking, and project data are all output to you in auto-generated tables monthly, which makes reporting easy and convenient. You no longer need to hire a data analyst, when Big Boss™ gathers and reports all your data for you, and in any interval you choose. Spend less time gathering data and more time, making sure you can verbally deliver impactful presentations to your colleagues, and deliver Big Boss™ improvements with the data tables we give you.


Informative Dashboards

All this and more is offered to you with informative dashboards constantly keeping track of tasking divisions, project completion progress, up-to-the-second business plan analysis, company performance, and much more. The Dashboard gives you that all seeing eye, that only a Big Boss™ could have. So stop being a normal boss, and become a Big Boss™ today!


Simple Tasking

The key element of successful supervision is to assign tasks to personnel. This is typically done through by mailings, telephone or in person. The trouble with this approach is that it’s not simple! Due to the fact that we have multiple assignments, we can lose transparency of the assigned tasks, even when co-workers deliver back the reports via mail. Instead it is misplaced among the other mailings. Big Boss™ Tasking changes that. Our automated, internet enabled software gets your business on the “same page”. Big Boss™ task tracking is very scalable. Some tracking providers offer you pre-designed, ready-to-use tracking techniques, but not customized techniques that tackle a company's unique monitoring needs or business procedure. Big Boss™ gives both. Occasionally, a company's requirements are certainly met by way of a pre-designed system. However in the function that its tracking requirements change, receiving fresh tracking options through exactly the same supplier will prove more challenging than receiving them by way of a provider that provides customized tracking options. If your company has been around business for some time, it’s likely that it functions on several tasks at once. A typical task tracking program doesn't accommodate multiple tasks simultaneously. Big Boss™ Software enables you to monitor an endless amount of projects utilizing the same system. If you spend a portion of time assembling your project meetings, attempting to convey project progression in general specific conditions, Big Boss™ task tracking techniques will help you to create customized reviews or use ready-to-use statement formats to create detailed information on every part of a task, including: workers time, estimated task period versus actual task period, and quality of overall performance ratings. Using targeted reports, it is possible to let hard figures do the talking while you suggest improvements.


Projects Management

With Big Boss™ cloud software, say "so long" to being tied to an individual computer or network. Most project leads purchase standalone systems that want just one person to have a laptop computer for project planning. With a project management program by Big Boss™, you are fully integrated to the web! There is no need to carry a laptop computer with you everywhere. It is possible to access projects from any digital interface that has access to the internet. You will discover collaboration is easier with Big Boss™. The cloud-based project techniques come incorporated with collaboration tools. For tasks that involve people scattered around the world, these collaboration tools could be very powerful. Flourishing projects have team members who are empowered. Big Boss™ collaboration software help make this happen. Big Boss™ Project Management features communication integration helps make cloud-based project software programs a powerful tool. With communication, this kind of project management software program makes getting and providing updates easier with the complete project team, the project lead especially.


You can see all the benefits by your self. No hidden costs or credit card required.